Frequently Asked Question

You may be wondering why your site has such a high bounce rate or why your conversion rates are so low.

We create professional websites at no cost to individuals as a way to establish connections with business owners. This unique approach allows us to showcase our services, and as their companies grow, they may consider hiring us for larger, paid projects like app development and ERP.

No, there are no hidden charges. Our service is entirely free, and we do not require any credit card information or payment details from our customers.

Our motivation is to engage with business owners and demonstrate the quality of our services. This initial connection often leads to opportunities for larger, paid projects as their companies expand.

Yes, we also offer marketing services. After completing a website, we present SEO and SMO proposals. Approximately 20 to 25% of our customers choose to opt for these additional marketing services.

Remarkably, over 95% of our clients express satisfaction with the websites we've developed. Additionally, around 18% proceed to hire us for additional projects or refer friends to our services based on their positive experiences.

The timeline for developing a free website varies based on the complexity and specific requirements. We strive to deliver within a reasonable timeframe, and our team works efficiently to ensure timely completion.

While our free websites are professionally crafted, they may have certain limitations on advanced features. However, these websites are designed to meet the essential needs of individuals and small businesses. For more comprehensive functionalities, we offer customized solutions in our paid projects.

Yes, we have many services like logo design, Banner deisgn, Social media post designs, App and web developement.